District History

  • A Short History of the Grosse Pointe Public School System

    Forming the District

    In 1921 five separate school districts served the Grosse Pointes. Realizing that better educational opportunities could be provided for children if the schools were consolidated, a number of citizens started a movement to join the five districts into one. The districts included District #1 (old Trombly and Cadieux Schools), District #2 (Kerby School), District #3 (Vernier School), Fractional District #7 of Grosse Pointe and Gratiot Townships (Hanstein School, north of Mack Avenue and now part of the City of Detroit), and Fractional District #9 (Cook School on Mack Avenue near Lochmoor). The re-organization was approved by the voters of the district on December 23, 1921.

    On January 27, 1922, the first Board of Education was elected. Members were George Defer, president; Charles Paye, secretary; Charles Poupard, treasurer (an office he held for 26 years); John Kerby, trustee; and Lewis Smart, trustee.

    The first salary schedule for the school district was adopted in 1923. Teachers with two years of professional training and no experience were paid $1,200 a year; those with four years of training and no experience were paid $1,400. Annual increases were based on evaluations and ranged from $50 to $150 annually. Within reasonable limits teachers were allowed to draw pay for absence during their own illness or on the occasion of death or dangerous illness in the immediate family. The object of this policy was "to secure better teaching from happier and more loyal teachers."
    Important Dates in GPPSS History
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