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  • Kindergarden students in library

Kindergarten Information

  • We welcome our young learners to the district!  Click here to begin enrollment  for kindergarten.

    For questions about kindergarten registration, please contact the enrollment office, 313.432.3083. Families with kindergarten students must complete enrollment prior to May 1; those who do not may be subject to triangulation per Board Policy 5120. A list of open and closed classes by school is updated regularly and posted on the website under Enrollment.


    To review what was shared at our January 12, 2023 parent/guardian information night, click here for more resources.


    Click here to watch a video about our GPPSS kindergarten program which includes Young Fives.


    An Important Beginning

    The kindergarten program in The Grosse Pointe Public School System plays an essential role in introducing the young child to the world of school.  The professional staff believes that each student is unique and is dedicated to providing appropriate and stimulating experiences and activities from which your child can learn, grow, and develop a wholesome attitude toward learning.


    We’ll Do Our Part . . .

    to give your child the best education possible.


    Your child

    will be learning to . . .

    -  work alone and with others

    -  share and take turns

    -  explore and expand abilities and interests

    -  express thoughts and ideas with appropriate

       language patterns

    -  listen to others

    -  trace, print and color


    There will be activities designed to . . .
    -  build self-confidence
    -  develop vocabulary
    -  show differences in sound, size, shape and color
    -  increase interest in books, numbers, people
    -  improve coordination
    -  introduce new ideas

    Your child will have learning experiences
    related to . . .
    -  the environment
    -  the weather and seasons
    -  the human body

    -  plants, animals

    -  personal health


    There will be opportunities to . . .
    -  use the library

    -  play rhythm instruments, hear stories
    -  paint, paste, cut and fold
    -  run, jump and balance
    -  dramatize stories, discuss ideas


    There will be lessons about . . .
    -  literacy, math, science, social studies
    -  art, music, health

    There will be discussions and activities about . . .

    -  families, homes, school
    -  our country, holidays

    -  safety and much more!


    The day is a wonderful combination of large and small group activities, with opportunities for individual and buddy work.  Music, physical movement and art activities are woven throughout the curriculum and daily routine.  Math and language arts activities are offered on a planned basis, and are part of the daily routine.  The kindergartners also participate in a physical education class or recess daily to foster gross motor development. 


    Our kindergarten programs follow the State Guidelines and Expectations. 


    We want all our kindergartners to be happy and enthusiastic to learn.  Please don’t worry about your child; we will take excellent care of him or her!


    Enrolling your child is the next important step. Our staffing is based on actual enrollment, not projections. By enrolling now you help the district accurately plan for the future. Thank you!



    In Michigan, children must be five years of age on or before September 1st to register for kindergarten.  Parents of children who turn five years of age on or before December 1, may still register their child for kindergarten next year if they notify the district in writing using the kindergarten entry waiver form. 

    GPPSS will continue to offer kindergarten options to include a Young Fives program – locations will depend upon enrollment. Young Fives offers an alternative for children whose parents feel they are not yet ready for a traditional kindergarten experience. Students who complete the Young Fives program would be expected to go to kindergarten in their neighborhood school the following year. Eligibility is determined by birthdate--your child must turn five between March 1 and December 1. Families that live within the district may apply to one of the identified schools offering Young Fives. Click here for additional information about Young Fives enrollment process.