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Curriculum Overview

  • Grosse Pointe Public School System (GPPSS) strives for continuous improvement, collaboration, and continuity across the district.

    One Inclusive Community Learning Together.

    Cultivating Educational Excellence By: Empowering Students, Valuing Diversity, Inspiring Curiosity, and Pushing Possibilities.


    GPPSS aims to empower all learners to reach their unique potential:

    • Providing opportunities for students to acquire attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills for becoming contributing members of society.
    • High expectations for student and staff performance
    • Thoughtfully aligned practices to ensure a rigorous and relevant curriculum from preschool through graduation.
    • The curriculum is innovative, evolving, and responsive to the rapidly changing world.
    • Differentiated and culturally responsive instructional approaches based on best practices and research.
    • High expectations for student and staff performance.
    • Curriculum modifications are driven by data obtained from district assessments.
    • Flexibility, innovation, and individual teaching styles enhance learning experiences.
    • It’s a broad-based approach to meet the needs of all students at all levels.

    Together, we strive to create a dynamic educational community where every learner can thrive and succeed.

    Educational Programs Leadership Council

    The mission of the Educational Programs Leadership Council (EPLC) is to provide a continuous review of educational experiences, curriculum, instruction, student assessment results, and program evaluation, guided by the district strategic plan, to ensure all learners are empowered to reach their unique potential.