Middle School Athletic & Club Participation Fees


    Due to the reduction in the district athletic budget, it has become necessary to charge an annual participation fee of $125.00 per athlete. At the middle school level this fee is a one-time annual fee and allows the student athlete to participate in multiple interscholastic sports. The middle schools also offer club and intra-district activities which require a separate one time $52.00 annual fee. This fee structure allows us to maintain a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities for student involvement beyond the school day. These fees are required for participation and a schedule for when the fees are due is listed below.

    • The participation fee does not guarantee playing time, only the opportunity to be on the team if selected. Middle school interscholastic sports already have required minimums of play for each sport.
    • All athletes must have had a doctors physical exam and completed both the MHSAA physical card and the Emergency Medical Consent to Treat Form (gold card) prior to being allowed to try-out for any sport. These two forms must be given to the coach by the first day of tryouts.
    Payment Schedule:

    The $125.00 athletic fee must be paid at the conclusion of tryouts and prior to the first game of the season.
    If you have questions or concerns regarding payment of the athletic fee, please contact the office at the appropriate building.

    Parcells: 313.432.4663
    Brownell: 313.432.3900
    Pierce: 313.432.4700

    We use PayPal to securely process your charge using Mastercard or Visa.  Please click on the appropriate link: