Michigan Virtual High School Information

  • If at all possible, providing students real-time learning experiences with able, caring and invested educators is the preferred goal of the Grosse Pointe Public School System. But there are instances when Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS) classes might be appropriate for some students.  These courses can offer flexible, self-directed learning opportunities. If students are interested in these virtual-learning experiences, a conversation with their current counselor is required. The counselor can discuss the MVHS option, compare it with other options, and help the student make a decision that best fits his or her need. Students who choose to take a MVHS class are also assigned a mentor who will monitor their progress to help them achieve success in the class.

    Students may take up to 2 MVHS classes during the fall or spring semester for free, if the class(es) replace 1 or 2 regular class periods of their normal school day.  
    The student must pay for the class if a course is taken in addition to their 7 periods, such as for credit advancement or if the course is taken for credit recovery.  Please click above to make a payment of $405 per regular course or $477 for advanced placement courses, by credit card.  
    Once payment has been made, you student will be enrolled into the course within 24-48 hours, using the information provided by the counselor. Please feel free to call the Curriculum Office at 313-432-3043 with any questions or concerns.


Michigan Virtual Calendar - Semester 1 20-2021