Kid's Club Current Information

     General Kids Club Information
    Registration forms for the 2017-2018 school year are available on the Registration Page. Forms and payment can be mailed to Barnes Early Childhood Center (20090 Morningside Dr., GPW, MI 48236) or taken directly to your school office or to Kids Club on the first day of school.
    YEARLY KIDS CLUB FEES: There are two fees, aside from usage, that are due every school year in order to enroll your child into Kids Club. These fees are due at the time of registration.
    Security Deposit:
    A $250 security deposit per family is due each year. The security deposit will stay on your account for the entire school year. Because Kids Club bills families after the fact, this is a security measure for us. The security deposit can be used in a number of ways at the end of the school year. If at the end of the school year your account has a balance you may use monies from your deposit to cover your balance. If you choose this option, you will have to pay the $250 security deposit for the upcoming school year if you plan on utilizing the program again. If you do not have a balance you can choose one of two options. You may either leave your full security deposit on your account and roll it over to the next school year or you may request to have it refunded to you. The ladder option will require the $250 security deposit to be paid in full for the upcoming school year, should you utilize the program again. 

    Registration Fee:

    A non-refundable registration fee of $75 per child is due every year. If the registration forms are received before July 31, 2018, the registration fee is reduced to $65 per child. 

    The fees daily rate fees are as follows:
    Monday AM (late start morning): $8.00
    Tuesday-Friday AM: $7.00
    Monday-Friday PM: $10.00 
    Half Day Rate: $20  (11:30a-3:38p; additional $10 after 3:38)
    Full Day Rate: $35 (7:00a-6:30p)
    diamond  Payments are made online using the Click to Pay link on your emailed invoice. 
    diamond  Middle School Students:  Students from Parcells may enroll in the Mason Kids Club program, students from Brownell may enroll at Kerby and students from Pierce may enroll in the Defer Kids Club program. Please fill out the Kids Club forms.
    diamond  The Grosse Pointe Public School System recognizes the need for school-based childcare in this community. Officially titled “School-Age Child Care Program” (but informally known as “Kids Club”), this self-supporting program is aimed at providing a supervised and safe environment for elementary school children before and after school.

    Interesting activities are planned which are developmentally appropriate and enhance physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. The opportunity to be with friends in a supervised program benefits children and offers parents a safe, practical solution for child care needs before and after school.

    diamond  Licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services Office of Children and Adult Licensing.