The Tuition Based Pre-K Programs are located at three elementary schools across the district. Each program is designed to help children prepare for kindergarten socially and academically. Group time and daily learning centers are built around literacy, science, math, and art. Children also develop social and emotional skills through play and team work. Our program uses an Emergent Curriculum with aspects of Highscope which allows teachers flexibility and creativity in planning lessons. Included in our curriclum are special weekly classes:

    • Yoga 
    • Spanish
    • Hummingbirds Music Together


    What are the benefits of attending Pre-K in an elementary school?

    In our experience we have noticed that our Pre-K classrooms enjoy interacting with the K-5 children in various ways. Some of the simplest things help your child transition into Young 5's or Kindergarten. For example, hearing the bells ring, seeing the 'big kids' in the lunch room and hallways, visiting with classroom helpers, going to all school assemblies, etc. It is a great way to introduce your child to elementary school while still having all of the joys of Pre-K! 

    Children will return to their neighborhood elementary school for K-5. 

    *If you are considering Young 5's placement in the future, please speak with the Preschool Director about placement.

    Classroom Information:


    • Ferry Elementary School Pre-K- 748 Roslyn Road, GPW
    • Monteith Elementary School Pre-K- 1275 Cook Road, GPW
    • Trombly Elementary School Pre-K- 820 Beaconsfield, GPP

    1:12 teacher/child ratio.


    Children should turn 4 years old by 9/1/19 to attend Pre-K and be fully potty trained. If you are considering Young 5's placement in the future, please speak with the Program Director about Pre-K placement. 


    Hours of Operation:

    The Pre-K classroom is open 7:15-3:38pm. Children attend Kid's club in the gym at 3:38pm for no addtional charge.

    See Calendar link for specific closings 


    To apply, click here

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