• Pre-registration for the 2017-18 school year begins the August 10th.

    Be sure to update emergency contacts, phone numbers and parent email addresses at any time in the Parent Portal. 

    An email will be sent to parents the first week in August from GPregistration with a login credential reminder 
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    diamond  MandatoryOnline pre-registration is mandatory for all students in your family every year. Please do not skip siblings.

    diamond  Email Address - A parent/guardian email address is required to complete the online process. If your email address has changed please update it with the school district by logging in to the MiStar Parent Portal and clicking on the My Information link to edit this information, or email ParentConnect@gpschools.org and include your name, child's name, school name, and your old and new email address.
    diamond  Login - K12 Parent Portal login information for August 2017.  The login ID will be your student's ID number and the access key will be the student's birthdate: MM/DD/YYYY

    diamond  Reminder - A reminder email will be sent to the parent email address on file from GPREGISTRATION with login instructions.
    diamond  Emergency ContactsPlease update parent information and Emergency Contacts using the MiStar Parent Portal.  This can be done any time during the school year.  All instructions will be available in the K12 Portal.

    diamond  Address Change - If your student's address has changed you must go to the enrollment office at 389 St. Clair and present the required documentation before your student can register. Office hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. and Friday 8:00 - 3:30 pm.  Please Visit here for more information on the required documentation.

    diamond  Computer Access - If online capability is not available at home, please check the school's website for computer access in August to receive help if needed to complete the Pre-Registration.  .

    diamond  Fees - All fees will need to be paid online using a charge card or bank debit card. (Visa or MasterCard debit cards may be purchased from a variety of neighborhood retail stores.) Checks will not be accepted at school registration.


    Need help with Pre-Registration? 
    diamond  Be sure you are using an up-to-date browser version and your browser cache is clear.  Go to www.whatismybrowser.com to confirm that you are using the most current update WITH the JAVASCRIPT enabled.  diamond  We highly recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  diamond  Cleared cache: It is best to use one window to avoid any security issues.

    diamond  Our staffed computer labs will be open during August to assist you in completing your pre-registration. Please check your school for dates and times.

    diamond  Contact the registration office: 313-432-5177.   
    We are here to help during school office hours.