Global Competency, Real World Literacy & Readiness


    Goal: GPPSS will provide learning opportunities that allow students to acquire the attitudes, values, knowledge and skills that prepare them to be contributing members of society in the real world


    Objective: Create a community of learners that cultivates a sense of dignity for all stakeholders


    • Policy: Revision of district policies and practices to ensure equity and inclusion for all stakeholders
    • Student Learning: Create learning environments where students will be able to identify with and see themselves in the curriculum and instruction
    • Professional Learning: Focus on shared language, common understanding, evidence/research based strategies and centering experiences to increase sense of belonging
    • Staffing: Recruit, hire and retain diverse professional members at all staffing levels and actively support their inclusion and success
    • Feedback: Create mechanisms to collaborate with and obtain feedback from our diverse staff and student population to ensure their voices and experiences are recognized and heard. Facilitate regular discourse to create action plans based on feedback received

    Objective: Provide re-imagined, experiential learning for career and life readiness

    Implementation: Create community partnerships, course offerings, CTE and dual enrollment opportunities that:

    • Examine local, global and intercultural issues
    • Understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others
    • Engage in open, appropriate and effective dialogue
    • Take action for collective well-being and sustainable development


    Objective: Ensure the learning environment reflects the tools of today and prepares students for the careers of tomorrow

    Implementation: Collaborate with stakeholders to develop learner-centered classrooms through utilization of various funding sources (Community Partnerships, CTE, Grants, Bond/Sinking Fund)

    • Design learning environments that are compatible with both student needs and current facilities
    • Incorporate relevant and instructionally sound technology
    • Provide flexible and multi-sensory learning environments and spaces for all students to learn and grow