Fee Information

  • In order to register for Kids Club/Mid Club, any delinquent invoices within the Child Care Department must be paid in full.

    This includes the Tuition Based Preschool Programs, Camp O'Fun and Kids Club. 


    The following fees are due prior to attendance. Once you have sent your paperwork in, it will take a minimum of three business days and maximum of one week for us to process your account and get your information sent to your Kids Club/Mid Club site. You may not start Kids Club/Mid Club prior to unless you have discussed doing so with the Kids Club/Mid Club office.  

    If your family requires separate accounts (one for each parent, for example), a registration fee will be charged to each account. 

    Registration Fee: $50 non-refundable/child is required each year. 
  • Kids Club/Mid Club Rates:
    The rates below are per child/per day.
    Monday - Friday AM = $8/child/day
    Monday - Friday PM = $11/child/day
    Kids Club rates are billed as a flat fee, meaning we do not bill hourly. 
    Half-Day Kids Club Rate:
    Half-Day (11:36am - 3:38pm) = $20
    If a student attends after the bell (3:38pm), they will be charged an additional $11 daily rate for Kids Club. 
    - A late fee of $15 will be charged per child on payments arriving after the due date. (Each bill contains the date payment is due.) Payment must arrive by the due date. If you do not receive an invoice via email by the 10th of any month, call 313-432-3067. 

    - When applicable, a late fee of $20 per child for every 15 minutes (or fraction thereof) is charged to cover staffing costs when your child is not picked up by 6:30 pm. After the third late pick up your child may be dismissed from the program. Always phone the On-Site Director if you are detained and are not able to make it by pickup time.

children playing
  • Payments are made with charge card by clicking on the link within your invoice.

    Payment for each month is due on the 1st of the month. If payment is still not received the 5th of the month, the child may be excluded from the program. Please notify the billing office (313-432-3067) if assistance is needed. Kids Club/Mid Club sites are unable to accept a cash payment. We are only accepting online payments at this time. 

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  • The main Kids Club telephone number is 313-432-3009 (main office only). Ask the On-Site Director of your program for the direct line to Kids Club at your school or click on the Contacts tab on this site . Please note: A parent or guardian is responsible to notify the On-Site Director if your child will be absent on a scheduled day. 

     Fees are reviewed semi-annually and adjusted if necessary.