April 20-24, 2020

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Below is a list of learning opportunities across all subject areas to offer instruction and challenge during the upcoming week.  Please DO NOT feel overwhelmed.  Do whatever fits best with your family routines and school work schedule.  You and your child can contact me through email and I'll help/assist as needed.  We will continue our class meetings each morning at 9:30, although we may transition to smaller group Meetings as needed.  This is a work in progress and changes most likely will occur.  Thank you for your flexibility and support.

    Take care, 

    Mr. Eszes       



    The Cricket in Times Square read aloud Ch. 9 - The Chinese Dinner


    • Log in through Clever. Try to pass your weekly goal and beyond!  

    Wonderopolis: Wonder of the Week.

    • Follow the directions at this link.  Be sure to "Test Your Knowledge" and try the extension activities!


    • Write a Thank You Letter to a Healthcare Hero on Google Docs.  After editing and revising, submit your letter HERE so Healthcare workers around the world can read it and be encouraged!  With your parents permission, you may include your name or decide to be anonymous.   


    • Imagine Math (Log in through Clever) Try to pass at least 3 lessons this week.  Your ultimate goal is to complete your pathway.  I will be assigning you new pathways, so look for those.
    • Everyday Math online (choose McGraw-Hill's ConnectED from the drop down menu, then log in with your Google account information.  Then select Mr. Eszes 2019-2020) Lessons 6-1 and 6-2 should be your priority this week.  Work on the journal pages, math boxes, and home links.  There are also games and "Do Anytime Activities" that can be accessed.  Click HERE for a Family Tutorial video that can help you navigate the ConnectED website.  You can also watch any of the Tutorial videos on the Everyday Math website)


    • Invisible Forces Watch, read, think, reflect, and enjoy.  Try the bonus building challenge at the end of the video!


    Mr. E's Mystery Challenge:

    Research Project:

    • Endangered Animal Research Project Click on this link to get started.  First thing you should do is click file, then "Make a Copy" of the Entire Presentation.  Then you should name it and save it.  Read through the slides, watch the video, and think about what endangered animal you would want to research.  Have fun!!

    Khan Academy daily schedule:

    • Here is an optional Khan Academy schedule that you can use as needed to make a daily schedule that works for you and your family.

    Arbor Day Poster Contest: 

    • News From The Beautification Committee

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to make adjustments to our regular routine. The Arbor Week Poster Contest is no exception. Locally we are celebrating Arbor Week April 19-25.

    The template of the poster can be accessed through the following link:


    If you have a printer, you can print out at home. If not, use a blank paper and add the information to the top of the page. When the poster is done, take a picture of it and send it to armen.gulian@royaloakschools.org. Armen Gulian is a Commission member (and a Trombly Mom). She will pass on the pictures to the webmaster for Grosse Pointe Park.

    Please display the posters on your front door. It will be fun to see the posters as we go about our walks. We ask that the posters be put up no sooner than April 15 and be left up through Arbor Week or longer if you wish

    Participating students can pick up their seedlings at one of the following sites on April 20 until the seedlings are gone: Windmill Pointe Park, Patterson Park and Grosse Pointe Park City Hall. All seedlings will be left outdoors and are safely wrapped in plastic. This year we are featuring­­­­­­ red pine seedlings. Pencils will also be available at the pick up site.

    Student activities:

    -using your cell phone take pictures of letter shapes in the bare tree branches to spell out 'Arbor' or 'Tree'.

    -write a poem or story about a tree that is meaningful to you.

    -using sidewalk chalk, write out the value of trees on the sidewalk sections. Identify at least 10 things.

    -write about the usefulness of trees in making medicines.

    - create a simple activity on Flipgrid or Google classroom i.e. take a measurement of the largest tree on your block, make a video about your favorite tree, collect pinecones and create an artistic piece from them.

    Thanks for helping the Beautification Commission