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    Room 209
    Third grade is a wonderful and challenging year with new opportunities for all! Hold on tight, we have many new and exciting adventures awaiting us!



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    2016-2017 School Hours

    First Bell 8:20  AM

    AM Classes 8:20 - 11:36 PM
    Lunch 11:36-12:24PM
    PM Classes 12:26-3:38

    Late Start Monday Bell Schedule

    First Bell 9:05 AM
    AM Classes 9:10-11:56

    Lunch 11:56-12:44PM

    PM Classes 12:46-3:38

    Mrs. Diane Goodwin, Secretary
    Mrs. Dineen Krotche, Office Assistant


    Kids Club (313) 432-5009

    Fax: (313) 432-5002


    New for 2018-19: 
    1:00pm- 1:45pm   A -Gym
    1:00pm- 1:45pm   B -Art
    1:00pm- 1:45pm   C -Music
    1:00pm- 1:45pm   D-Spainish/Library
    Voicemail:  432 - 5390