May 4-8, 2020

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Below is a list of learning opportunities across all subject areas to offer instruction and challenge during the upcoming week.  Please DO NOT feel overwhelmed.  Do whatever fits best with your family routines and school work schedule.  You and your child can contact me through email and I'll help/assist as needed.  

    We will continue our morning class meetings at 9:30.  However, we will not be meeting on Monday.  I have a 5th grade Google Meet professional development meeting all morning. 

    Also, we will be hosting WTRO on Friday of this week.  However, we will be prerecording our message on Thursday morning during our 9:30 class meeting.  We will be assigning different speaking parts this week.    

    Thank you for your flexibility and support.

    Take care, 

    Mr. Eszes       


    EXTRA! Library News

    Art with Mr. Heenan

    Family Dance Party

    Musical Scavenger Hunt

    Activities from your Specials teachers:


    • Log in through Clever. Try to pass your weekly goal and beyond!  Congratulations to Gopal, Angela-Marie, Eva, Keenan, and Everett, last week's Lexia Leaders!  

    Wonderopolis: Wonder of the Week.

    • Follow the directions at this link.  Be sure to "Test Your Knowledge" and try the extension activities!


    • It's time to write and share another round of GPWAPs!  The Grosse Pointe Writing Assessment has been cancelled for this year, but that's no reason to stop writing and sharing your amazing stories!  Make a Google Doc, share it with me, and write your best story.  Our topic is "The Lesson I Learned".  Have fun!  


    • Check out "Math with Mr. Fitz" every Tuesday at 2:00pm.  Log into a Google Meet with your student account and enter fitzmath as the nickname.  He looks forward to seeing you!    
    • Imagine Math (Log in through Clever) Try to pass at least 3 lessons this week.  Your ultimate goal is to complete your pathway.  I will be assigning you new pathways, so look for those.
    • Everyday Math online (choose McGraw-Hill's ConnectED from the drop down menu, then log in with your Google account information.  Then select Mr. Eszes 2019-2020) Lessons 6-8 and 6-9 should be your priority this week.  Work on the journal pages, math boxes, and home links.  There are also games and "Do Anytime Activities" that can be accessed.  Click HERE for a Family Tutorial video that can help you navigate the ConnectED website.  You can also watch any of the Tutorial videos on the Everyday Math website)
    • We will be exploring division strategies for the next few weeks.  Everyday Math teaches a method that can be found on the above link.  All of your parents also know another way called Long Division.  If anyone knows or learns how to do long division, try making a tutorial video to share.  We could use it to teach each other.    



    Mr. E's Mystery Challenge:

    Research Project:

    • Endangered Animal Research Project Continue working on your project.  Use the research tools to find new information.  Record any new information on the notecards in the presentation.  Let me know how I can help during your project.  Have fun!!

    Khan Academy daily schedule:

    • Here is an optional Khan Academy schedule that you can use as needed to make a daily schedule that works for you and your family.