May 18-22, 2020

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Below is a list of learning opportunities across all subject areas to offer instruction and challenge during the upcoming week.  Please DO NOT feel overwhelmed.  Do whatever fits best with your family routines and school work schedule.  You and your child can contact me through email and I'll help/assist as needed.  

    Google Meets: We will continue our morning class meetings at 9:30.  However, our Monday meeting will be cancelled again this week.  I have another 5th grade professional development meeting all morning and into the afternoon.  I look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday morning.

    Thursday at 2:00pm, I will be hosting an additional Google Meet.  The focus will be Imagine Math.  For those interested and available, plan on working on Imagine Math, pass as many lessons as possible, and I will be there to help and answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to a very productive Imagine Math session!    

    Thank you for your flexibility and support.

    Take care, 

    Mr. Eszes       


    From the Desk of Mr. Fitz and Specials Teachers


    • Log in through Clever. Try to pass your weekly goal and beyond!  As a class last week, you passed 161 units combined!  Congratulations to Everett, Varvara, Keenan, and Angela-Marie for passing the most units last week.  Let's continue passing units and new levels!!   

    Wonderopolis: Wonder of the Week.

    • Follow the directions at this link.  Be sure to "Test Your Knowledge" and try the extension activities!


    • We will be sharing our GPWAP stories this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you haven't written and submitted your GPWAP on "The Lesson I Learned", please do so asap.  Spend some time editing and revising your story as well.  I can't wait to hear everyone's final copy!  


    • Give your brain a workout with these math games on the Math Playground.  
    • Check out "Math with Mr. Fitz" every Tuesday at 2:00pm.  Log into a Google Meet with your student account and enter fitzmath as the nickname.  He looks forward to seeing you!    
    • Imagine Math (Log in through Clever) Try to pass at least 3 lessons this week.  Your ultimate goal is to complete your pathway.  I will be assigning you new pathways, so look for those.  Be sure to join me and others on Thursday at 2:00 for an Imagine Math-a-thon Google Meet!
    • Everyday Math online (choose McGraw-Hill's ConnectED from the drop down menu, then log in with your Google account information.  Then select Mr. Eszes 2019-2020) 
    • Lesson 7-2 and Lesson 7-3 should be your priority this week.  Work on the journal pages, math boxes, and home links.  There are also games and "Do Anytime Activities" that can be accessed.  

    Amplify Science Remote lessons:

    This week, we will continue "Waves, Energy, and Information".  I hope you enjoy these lessons and videos from Chapter 1.  

    Mystery Doug LIVE: Thursday @ 1:00pm

    Mr. E's Mystery Challenge:

    "Home Classroom" video project:

    • Thank you to Jordyn, Eva, and Everett for submitting videos on our Flipgrid.  I encourage others to add videos to the Flipgrid collection. 
    • Here are the original directions: Make a video, iMovie, picture slideshow, or other way to show us what your remote learning environment at home is like.  We would love to see what your classroom and day looks like while learning at home.  As always, have fun!!

    Flipgrid for Esseland Remote Learning Videos:

    • You can use this flipgrid link to share post and share any of your videos.  You can also see what the others have been up to!  Enjoy! 

    Research Project:

    • Endangered Animal Research Project If you haven't already, you should try to finish writing your facts in your own words.  Once you finish writing your facts, start typing your paragraphs in a Google Docs.  Feel free to continue researching and learning more about your topics.  Let me know how I can help during your project.  Have fun!!