June 1-5, 2020

    Dear Students and Parents,

    We are so close to the end of the school year...just 2 more weeks to go!  Let's use this week to finish up some of our assignments and projects.  Then we can plan some extra fun activities for our last week of school.


    Google Meets: We will continue our 9:30 morning meetings this week.  We will be sharing some finished writing assignments and endangered animal projects later in the week.  Hope to see you then.  

    Thank you for your flexibility and support.

    Take care, 

    Mr. Eszes       


    From the Desk of Mr. Fitz and Specials Teachers


    • Log in through Clever. Try to pass your weekly goal and beyond!  Congratulations to Varvara, Everett, and Gopal for passing the most Lexia lessons last week!  Who will be the Lexia Champs for this week?  Let's continue passing units and new levels!!   

    Writing: (4th Grade Promotion Speech)

    • Due Tuesday (tomorrow), please write an Elementary Promotion Speech.  There will be a virtual 4th grade promotion video created.  Each class will have one representative read their speech.  Use your best writing skills and memories from your elementary career.  As always, have fun writing and I can't wait to hear what you come up with.  


    • Give your brain a workout with these math games on the Math Playground.      
    • Imagine Math (Log in through Clever) Try to pass at least 3 lessons this week.  Your ultimate goal is to complete your pathway.  I will be assigning you new pathways, so look for those.  
    • Everyday Math online (choose McGraw-Hill's ConnectED from the drop down menu, then log in with your Google account information.  Then select Mr. Eszes 2019-2020) 
    • There are only 5 Everyday Math essential Lessons left for the whole year.  They are 7-4, 7-5, 7-12, 8-6, and 8-8!

    Amplify Science Remote lessons:

    This week, we will continue "Waves, Energy, and Information".  I hope you enjoy these lessons and videos.  

    Flipgrid for Esseland Remote Learning Videos:

    • You can use this flipgrid link to share post and share any of your videos.  You can also see what the others have been up to!  Enjoy! 

    Mr. E's Mystery Challenge:

    Research Project:

    • Endangered Animal Research Project 
    • Many of you are done with your project.  Great!  We will share them later this week.  For those who are not done, you still have time to finish up before we share. Let me know how I can help during your project.  Have fun!!