Jennifer Franks - TC Deaf/ Hard of Hearing
                                                Barnes School
                                                20090 Morningside Dr
                                               Grosse Pointe Woods, MI  48236
                                              (313) 432-3870  Fax (313) 432-3802
    Hearing Aids  
     Teacher Consultant for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing __________________________________________
    If you have a student with a hearing loss, please contact our GPPS Teacher Consultant, Jennifer Franks, who works with our students who are deaf or hard of hearing. (Contact information above)  She will be able to assist you in revealing what kinds of services or modifications/ accommodations may be available.  Some students are found eligible to receive programs and services as a student with a 'Hearing Impairment (HI)' and have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). There is a range of services along a continuum available to students who qualify.