The mission of Grosse Pointe Public Schools' Early Childhood Program is to provide educational opportunities for young children, while respecting and supporting the home and family.  We recognize each individual's need to love and to be loved, to trust and be trusted, and to learn in a warm environment filled with positive and realistic expectations.
    Our philosophy is based on the enhancement of the "total child".  A child with identified special needs is first and foremost a complete individual with strengths and weaknesses.  The multidisciplinary staff works together with family members toward the child's maximum potential in all areas and to facilitate educational opportunities both in school and at home.
    Federal and state laws establish the right of persons with disabilities to a free and appropriate education within the public school setting.  Michigan law mandates the provision of services through the public school programs for individuals from birth to age 25 providing they meet the criteria for special education services.  This means that young children with disabilities need not wait for the traditional school age to benefit from special education services.
    *If you suspect your child has a disability, you may contact our office at any time to pursue an educational evaluation at no cost to you at 313-432-3800