• 10/03/2023Assignment



    Barnes Office
    Supervisor of Student Services Lisa Dougherty doughel@gpschools.org 432-5670
    Secretary & District Transportation Coordinator Claudine Manchester MancheC@gpschools.org 432-3803
    Director of Tuition-Based Preschool Services Sara Meier meiers@gpschools.org 432-3809
    Assistant Director of Tuition-Based Preschool Jill Kloster klostej@gpschools.org 432-3830
    Director of School-Age Childcare Crystal Fletcher fletchc@gpschools.org 432-3009
    Childcare Billing Coordinator Kim Danielewicz danielk@gpschools.org 432-3067
    Ancillary Staff
    Social Worker Brandy Rokicki rokickb@gpschools.org  432-5651
    Speech & Language Pathologist Emily Jablonski jablone@gpschools.org 432-5847
    Speech & Language Pathologist Jennifer Cameron cameroj@gpschools.org 432-5836
    Speech & Language Pathologist Maria Deskins DeskinM@gpschools.org 432-5411
    Speech & Language Pathologist Kristen DeVooght DeVoogK@gpschools.org 432-5627
    Speech & Language Pathologist Michelle Frontiera frontim@gpschools.org 432-5221
    Speech & Language Pathologist Molly Seng sengm@gpschools.org  432-5554 
    Speech & Language Pathologist Kelly Vess vessk@gpschools.org 432-3831
    Deaf & Hard of Hearing Consultant Jennifer Franks FranksJ@gpschools.org
    Visual Impaired Consultant Amber Strasz starsza@gpschools.org 432-5477
    Physical Therapist Melissa Creech creechm@gpschools.org 432-5692
    Physical Therapist Lindsay Trepanowski trepanl@gpschools.org 432-5211
    School Psychologist Marlana Jones jonesm@gpschools.org 432-5859
    Behavior Specialist Aimee Miller milleral@gpschools.org 432-5224
    Behavior Specialist Emily Henderlong henderl@gpschools.org 432-5640
    ASD Teacher Consultant Emily Achille achille@pschools.org 432-3813
    ASD Teacher Consultant Kelly Martz martzk@gpschools.org 432-5409
    ASD Teacher Consultant Kim Moskwa moskwak@gpschools.org 432-5347
    Occupational Therapist Maribeth Saylor saylorm@gpschools.org 432-5406
    Occupational Therapist Joe Evans evensj@gpschools.org 432-3872
    Occupational Therapist Mackenzie Hebert  hebertm@gpschools.org 432-3860
    Occupational Therapist Alyssa Curtis curtisa@gpschools.org 432-3858
    Occupational Therapist Kristen Topper TopperK@gpschools.org 432-5426
    Occupational Therapist Lisa Newbold newboll@gpschools.org 432-5546
    ECP Classroom Teachers
    Early Childhood ASD Program Melanie Baka bakam@gpschools.org 432-3826
    Early Childhood Specialist Gina Bordato BordatG@gpschools.org 432-5534
    Early Childhood Specialist   Kristen Boucher bouchek@gpschools.org 432-5561
    Early Childhood Specialist Monica Brumbaugh BrumbaM@gpschools.org 432-5503
    Early Childhood Specialist Jennifer Cameron cameroj@gpschools.org 432-5836
    Early Childhood Specialist Jessica Gault GaultJ@gpschools.org 432-5731
    Early Childhood Specialist Kelsy Nordquist nordquk@gpchools.org 432-3871
    Early Childhood Program Dorothy Heitjan HeitjaD@gpschools.org 432-5864
    Early Childhood Program Stephanie Martin martinst@gpschools.org 432-3820
    Early Childhood Specialist Kolina Nouhan NouhanK@gpschools.org 432-5807
    Early Childhood Specialist Paige Lesher lesherp@gpschools.org 432-5315
    Early Childhood Program Lisa Thomas ThomasL@gpschools.org 432-5758
    Paraprofessional Leslie Henriques henriql@gpschools.org  
    Paraprofessional Mary Manaois manaoim@gpschools.org  
    Paraprofessional Jean Limback ReeberJ@gpschools.org  
    Paraprofessional Jennifer Paddock PaddocJ@gpschools.org  
    Paraprofessional Robbin Vitale VitaleR@gpschools.org