• Beth Gulick
    Email gulickb@gpschools.org
    Phone 432.4663 office
    voice mail 432.5404
    All students are to have PE uniforms.  They can either be purchased from the school office with cash only or they can bring in their own dark green shorts and a Parcells Tshirt.  They will need to wear this every day for PE class besides swimming.  I also suggest they bring tennis shoes and socks to leave in their locker.  Students will be given a lock to USE for the semester or year.  They are to NOT share their combination and are responsible to turn it in at the end of their time in PE. 
    We have MANY students not locking their stuff up, please help us remind them! 
    Any questions feel free to email me. 
    The Parcells PE students achieved Green or White status on the physical fitness tests.  Award winners will receive certificates at their respective awards ceremonies.  If a student did not achieve this award, we will do it again next year!!
Last Modified on September 11, 2020