Parcells is locked during the school day for safety purposes. From 8:30 AM – 3:17 PM (9:00 – 3:17 on Mondays) anyone wishing to enter the building must be ‘buzzed’ into the building through the secure entrance. You can do that by entering the Public Library parking lot off of Sunningdale.  You will see a group of parking spots lot on your left. Follow the pathway to the office and walk into the secure vestibule.  There you will see a large door bell, please ring it. When you hear a response from someone in the office, please announce your name and reason for your visit and you will be ‘buzzed’ into the office.  THIS IS THE ONLY ENTRANCE AVAILABLE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.

    Students who arrive late to school or who are arriving to school after an appointment will also have to be ‘buzzed’ into the school by following the same procedures.

    After school is dismissed at 3:18 PM, the receiving room is unlocked allowing access to the school for the afternoon and evening events.  All other doors will be locked and will  be unlocked only when events  are scheduled for late afternoon and/or evening access.

    red car
    The Grosse Pointe Woods Public Safety Department has received numerous complaints about the congestion, illegal turns and dangerous driving behaviors being committed by Parcells parents. Please follow proper traffic flow patterns for picking up or dropping off your student from the Sunningdale lot.  As a parent or guardian of a Parcells student, you can help facilitate a safe and orderly traffic flow by doing the following:


    1.   ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO WALK OR BIKE TO SCHOOL!! This will greatly reduce the amount of congestion on the roadways around the school and in the parking lots.

    2.   Pick up and drop off your student on the side streets west side of Mack, rather than on school property—Adult Crossing Guards will insure that your child crosses Mack safely.

    3.   Obey all “No stopping, standing or parking” zones  (Fine  for “prohibited parking”:  $35.00 )

    4.   When picking up or dropping off students in the Sunningdale lot, pull all the way around the circle driveway to keep traffic moving. This helps relieve the back-ups on Sunningdale.

    5.   Don’t take “cuts” in front of drivers waiting in the Sunningdale lot’s “right turn only” lane.

    6.   Don’t make a right turn into the parking lot from the south bound traffic lane of Sunningdale—this lane is for thru-traffic only.  (Fines  for “Improper lane usage or improper turn”: $110.00)

    7.   Don’t stop, stand or park in the right traffic lane of Vernier (west of the stacking lane)  (Fines for “Impeding Traffic”:  $170.00.