• Welcome Parents!
    The mission of the Parcells Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to fund student academic enrichment, after school clubs/activities, school improvements  and student events through fundraising and volunteers.   We improve communication between the school, parents and students by publishing a monthly online newsletter “Parcells PTO Parent Update” and a yearly PTO student directory.   We also help insure every ill child is well cared for by scheduling parent volunteers to man the school clinic each day.

    We raise funds via annual dues, our annual Holiday bazaar, the Kroger Community Rewards program and the Target REDcard program.  On average, 70-80% of parents join the PTO each year.   Most parents join the PTO during August registration but you can join any time.  Annual dues are $15 per family and include one directory or you can become a Patron member for $20 if you'd like two directories. 

    For the past five years, the PTO has donated $15,000 each year to the school.  The donation is made in January after the Holiday Bazaar.  $12,000 is given for after school clubs and activities (the PTO funds about 25% of the cost of these programs while the $50 club fee funds about 50% and the school budget funds the remaining 25%).   $3,000 is placed into a Principal’s discretionary account to fund special items identified by the Principal and teachers.  

    In 2016/2017, the discretionary funds were used for:


    • Awards and trophies for 6th/7th grade honors night, 8th grade promotion ceremony, Fred Adams award (given to two 8th grade students), Brian Aulph Attitude and Effort award.
    •   After school clubs and activities
    •  Scholastic books purchased for the teachers to read in the classrooms
    •  Membership fees for the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association (MSBOA)
    •  MSBOA festival registration and busses 
    •  Membership fees for the Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA)
    •  MSVMA festival registration and busses
    •  Entry fee and student shirts for the Science Olympiad
    •  All parents are invited to attend monthly PTO meetings which are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Parcells library.  Click on “Meetings & Minutes” to find the next meeting date and to read past meeting minutes.  Click on “PTO Board” to connect with a PTO Board member via phone or email.  Click on “Board Positions” to better understand the role of each Board member. 

    PTO Sponsored Events:

    ·        6th grade welcome party

    ·        6th and 7th grade honors night reception and honor medals

    ·        Staff appreciation luncheons

    ·        8th grade promotion reception  and honor medals

    ·        8th grade graduation party


    PTO Sponsored Activities:

    ·        Parcells PTO Directory

    ·        Monthly Parcells online newsletter “Parcells PTO Parent Update”

    ·        Plans, promotes and runs the annual Holiday craft bazaar, a major fundraiser for the school

    ·        Special projects


    Contribution Towards After School Clubs/Activities:  The annual cost of these 24 programs is $50,000+.  The $50 club fee only covers about half the cost, the PTO covers 25% and the school budget covers 25%.


    ·        National Junior Honor Society

    ·        6th Grade Girls & Boys Basketball

    ·        Yearbook

    ·        Art Club

    ·        Spelling Bee

    ·        Geography Bee

    ·        Cheerleading Varsity/JV

    ·        6th, 7th and 8th Grade Book Clubs

    ·        Jazz Band & Fiddle Club

    ·        Drama Club including annual musical

    ·        Science Olympiad Team and Robotics Team 

    ·        Running Club

    ·        Lifeskills Club

    ·        Swimming Club