• PTO Mission Statement
    The mission of the Trombly PTO is to support and enrich the academic community at
    Trombly Elementary School through social activities and volunteer involvement. 
    Dear Parent:
    Having a strong partnership between home and school is an important part of educating a child.  A student's achievement is enhanced with strong parental involvement.  We welcome your presence and ideas.
    At Trombly, there are many ways for a parent to be involved.  During lunch, the playground is supervised by parent volunteers.  Being a district with no busing, parents often assist in transporting students on educational trips.  Our clinic is staffed by parent volunteers during the lunch hour.  Also, many teachers ask for adult classroom helpers.  The PTO is always looking for individuals to help with their many sponsored activities.
    The Trombly staff looks forward to working with you in continuing the fine educational tradition at Trombly Elementary School.
    Walter Fitzpatrick