• Mr. Buckman's List of Links for Summer Practice
    Summer is here!  You have learned a lot.  But you all know "Practice makes possible..."
    To start off third grade well in September, you need to keep your skills up over the summer. 
    Choose a "just right book" and read every day this summer. 
    You can also click on the links below and having some on-line fun
    When using Raz-Kids during reading, please do the following:
    1. Sign in and choose a book to read.
    2. Use a set of headphones to listen to the story as you read along.
    3. Read the story again without the audio.
    4. Then answer the questions about the text.
    Note:  If you have to type in Mr. Buckman's Teacher User Name, it is MrBuckman (no space or period).
    Here is a special Raz-Kids challenge to my second graders (from 2016-17) this summer - If you complete the level that you started on at the beginning of summer break, and move to the next by the first day of school in September, I will invite you to a “Beat Summer Slide” luncheon with me and others from the class.  I will be looking in from time to time over the summer.  Good luck with this challenge!
    This year, most of the class has been using Lexia to practice your skills.  Please continue to use Lexia this summer about 15-20 a day four to 5 times a week.  This is most important.  I will be looking how you are doing on Lexia throughout the summer.  This will keep your skills up over the summer months and make for an easy start to third grade next fall.  Your username and password are what we have used in school. 
    Children stories read by tv and movie actors.
    AplusMath has many math games that can be set to a "just right" level.  This is a great place for practicing addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. 
    Educational games website involving numbers (math), letters (reading and word play) and more.
    Choose Grade 2
    RoomRecess has several word, math and reading games.  From the main screen, you can choose games by grade level or subject.  
    Non-fiction reading from the publishers of National Geographic.   
    for the "wondering" mind.
    Another good online site to play/practice math skills.