• The Counseling Department offers several educational and social emotional support groups throughout the school year. Counselors are present to help students be as successful as possible in the school setting. Many times, small groups of students with common concerns come together to talk, learn, and share. This has proven to be very successful for students in the middle school years.

    Counselors form groups depending upon the needs of the current students. Groups run between seven to ten students and meet once a week during lunch for approximately eight weeks.

    Bronco Challenge Team

    Brownell is piloting a new lunch group for boys. This group will run for eight weeks during the second and third quarter and meet once weekly during lunch. The group will use friendly competition and skill building to increase academic success.

    Participants will strive to achieve the three ‘A’s:

    • Attend to instruction – participate during class and be ready to learn.
    • Ask questions - get clarification and answers when you’re confused. Use school resources.
    • Apply yourself – do your best on assignments, tests and quizzes and when working with others.


    Girl Empowerment Group

    The group will focus on self esteem, confidence and friendship. Girls will have the opportunity to strengthen social skills, share experiences, develop problem solving skills and make new friendships.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to make good choices about friendships and peer relations
    • Appropriate ways to socialize in and out of school
    • How to recognize and handle uncomfortable situations
    New Student Group

    Brownell Counselors put a focus on the new students that join the Brownell community each year. We meet with news students individually and as a group so students have an opportunity to transition successfully.