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    Title First Name Last Name VoiceMail Email Assignment
    Mr. Robert Abel 432-5202 Robert.Abel@gpschools.org  World Language/Industrial Technology
    Ms. Toni Abud 432-5448 Toni.Abud@gpschools.org SRC Special Education
    Ms. Taylor Barczyk 432-5325 Taylor.Barczyk@gpschools.org Lifeskills
    Mrs. Bonnie Berschback-Moyer 432-5240 Bonnie.Berschback-Moyer@gpschools.org Math 6
    Mrs. Andrea Brennan 432-5646 Andrea.Brennan@gpschools.org Science 7 & 8
    Ms. Margaret Bubeck 432-5276 Margaret.Bubeck@gpschools.org Math 7&8/Math Dept. Chair
    Mrs.  Carla Butcher Carla.Butcher@gpschools.org ESL Assistant
    Ms. Amy Jo Callaway Burke 432-5257 AmyJo.Callaway@gpschools.org Social Studies 6/Acad Assistance
    Mr. Walter Charuba 432-5812 Walter.Charuba@gpschools.org Science 6
    Mr. Arthur Chernecki Arthur.Chernecki@gpschools.org Night Custodian leader
    Mr. Kevin Cole 432-3905 Kevin.Cole@gpschools.org Head Engineer
    Mrs. Linda Cole 432-5355 Linda.Cole@gpschools.org ASD Special Education
    Mrs. Margaret Cooper 432-5306 Margaret.Cooper@gpschools.org Social Studies 8
    Mrs. Tracey Corden 432-5521 Tracey.Corden@gpschools.org Social Studies 7
    Ms. JoEllen Cumpata 432-5779 Joellen.Cumpata@gpschools.org Speech
    Mrs. Melissa Currier 432-5317 Melissa.Currier@gpschools.org English 8
    Mrs. Margaret D'Angelo 432-5319 Maggie.DAngelo@gpschools.org Science 8
    Mrs.  Christy Davenport 432-5421 Christy.Davenport@gpschools.org Acad Assistance/Reading Foundations/English 7
    Mrs. Susan Dempsey 432-5326 Susan.Dempsey@gpschools.org English 7/English Dept Chair
    Mr. Peter Dettlinger 432-5329 Peter.Dettlinger@gpschools.org Soc Stud 6 & 7/Soc Stud Dept Chair
    Mrs. Ann Marie Diehl 432-3907 AnnMarie.Diehl@gpschools.org Classroom Assistant
    Ms. Leslie Dolle 432-5829 Leslie.Dolle@gpschools.org Lifeskills
    Mr. Dean Doss 432-5337 Dean.Doss@gpschools.org Instrumental Music
    Mrs. Sharon Drew 432-5633 Sharon.Drew@gpschools.org Math 6 & 7/Acad Assistance
    Mrs. Tammy Duffield 432-5342 Tamera.Duffield@gpschools.org English 7 & 8
    Mr. Corey Ernst 432-5353 Corey.Ernst@gpschools.org Broadcast Journ/Info ELA 6/Journ
    Mrs. Marie Fachini-Kurily 432-3914 Marie.Fachini-Kurily@gpschools.org Counselor
    Mrs. Nicole Fekin 432-5602 Nicole.Fekin@gpschools.org Math 7
    Mrs. Susan Fell 432-3916 Susan.Fell@gpschools.org Social Worker
    Mrs. Laura Filar Laura.Filar@gpschools.org SRC Classroom Assistant
    Mrs. Gina Francis 432-5371 Gina.Francis@gpschools.org Phys Ed/Athletic Dir
    Mrs. Shelley Garland 432-5377 Shelley.Garland@gpschools.org Narr ELA 6/Info ELA 6
    Mrs. Carolyn Gross 432-5582 Carolyn.Gross@gpschools.org Vocal Music/Acad Assistance/Creative Drama
    Mr. James Gross 432-5400 James.Gross@gpschools.org Instrumental Music
    Mrs. Roberta Hall Roberta.Hall@gpschools.org Custodian
    Mr. Rodger Hunwick 432-3904 Rodger.Hunwick@gpschools.org Principal
    Ms. Susan Jordan 432-5848 Susan.Jordan@gpschools.org Science 6 & 7
    Mrs. Cherry Kimble-Bolden Cherry.KimbleBolden@gpschools.org Custodian
    Mrs. Lisa Klick Lisa.Klick@gpschools.org Hall Monitor
    Mrs. Mary Lapish 432-3913 Mary.Lapish@gpschools.org Attendance Secretary
    Ms. Christie Listwan 432-5206 Christie.Listwan@gpschools.org SRC Special Education
    Mrs. Darlene Lovelace 432-5499 Darlene.Lovelace@gpschools.org Narr ELA 6/Info ELA 6
    Mr. Ronald Mack 432-3970 Ronald.Mack@gpschools.org Locker Room Attendant
    Mrs. Holli McNally 432-3911 Holli.McNally@gpschools.org Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Julia Miller 432-5515 Julia.Miller@gpschools.org Math 8
    Dr. Angelike Niforos 432-3915 Angie.Niforos@gpschools.org Counselor
    Mr. Michael Novitke Michael.Novitke@gpschools.org Custodian
    Mrs. Rosemary Nuttall 432-5757 Rosemary.Nuttall@gpschools.org ASD Special Education
    Mrs. Cheryl Owsen 432-3903 Cheryl.Owsen@gpschools.org Secretary to the Principal
    Mrs. Darby Paddock 432-5489 Darby.Paddock@gpschools.org Librarian
    Ms. Joanna Porvin 432-5605 Joanna.Porvin@gpschools.org World Language
    Mrs.  Alma Reygaert Alma.Reygaert@gpschools.org ASD Classroom Assistant
    Mrs. Margaret Rose 432-5802 Margaret.Rose@gpschools.org Art/Academic Assistance
    Ms. Caroline Scott 432-5661 Caroline.Scott@gpschools.org Math 6, 7, & 8/Acad Assistance
    Mrs. Sandra Shellnut 432-5612 Sandy.Shellnut@gpschools.org Social Studies 7 & 8
    Mr. Mark Sonnenberg 432-5805 Mark.Sonnenberg@gpschools.org Science 7/Science Department Chair
    Mrs. Sharon Steen Sharon.Steen@gpschools.org Student Center Classroom Assistant
    Mr. William Taylor WilliamWhite.Taylor@gpschools.org Lunchroom Supervisor
    Ms. Linda Trombley Linda.Trombley@gpschools.org ASD Classroom Assistant
    Ms. Barbara Walsh Barbara.Walsh@gpschools.org ASD Classroom Assistant
    Mr. Marc Weaver 432-5501 Marc.Weaver@gpschools.org School Psychologist
    Mr. Todd Whitefleet 432-5752 Todd.Whitefleet@gpschools.org Computer Ed/Reading Foundations/Acad Assistance
    432-3912 General Office Clerk