• Mrs. Francis
    Voicemail: 432-5371
    Welcome back to school and to another great year.  This year there will be a new way I will be reaching you with information, pictures, and videos.  I will be using REMIND101 instead of Edmodo.   This will be very simple for all of us.  This will be a one directional link where I am the only one that can disperse information.  You just need to enter this number:  (210)-764-5633  and write this message:  @eea50b        This will cover all my Physical Education Classes.  If you want athletic news, use the same number at write the message:  @brownella      You will receive my notices in the form of a text message...so simple.  I want the students to join in as well.  Hopefully no more missing gym uniforms, and you will finally get to see your students engaged and happy in my class!
    ONLINE GYM UNIFORM ORDERING IS AVAILABLE ON LINE.  Is now closed for the year...email me or send in a check made out to Brownell for $21.00 if you want a uniform.  

    Click the on-line pre-registration link on the Brownell website, then “Click on this link to enter online pre-registration”, Back-to-School registration, parent signs in, Brownell webstore, General store.

    The goal of this course to create a satisfying and encouraging atmosphere where each individual has the opportunity to grow in their skill abilities, self-discipline, personal fitness, as well as sportsmanship and team effort.
    Medical Concerns:  Please inform me in writing, if there is a health condition that may interfere with the student’s efforts or progress in class.    (I.e. Asthma, bee sting allergies)
    Excusing a Student from Class:   We require a parent note to excuse a student who can not fully participate.  If a student needs to be excused for more than 3 or 4 days, a doctor’s note is preferred.