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    For some reason my weekly Parent/Student College Resource News file keeps getting stuck when I share it and not allowing access.  I am hoping I can add a link here that people will find success in accessing. Parent/Student College Resource News

    Senior Parents

    Post Graduation Plans:

    Now that we are settling into the school year, the seniors will be meeting Friday, September 14 regarding the college application process. Please be sure that your student pays attention as the application process and procedures will be covered.

    Financial Aid:

    Financial Aid Night will be scheduled in January. This will be approximately a one-hour presentation focusing primarily on the FAFSA. Please look out for information on this event.

    We strongly encourage parents to apply for federal student aid via FAFSA.  Some schools may require the CSS Financial Aid Profile.    

    Parents can only apply for the FAFSA online. FAFSA worksheets are available online to print in PDF form to prepare. In order to apply for financial aid you must go online to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/  Step one is to apply for your financial aid ID (FSA ID) now at the website. Once you get your FSA ID, you will be able to fill out the application immediately. If you are not sure that the FAFSA will be fruitful, we recommend that you complete it anyway as an opportunity to trigger institutional aid offers that you may not otherwise receive.  Colleges will start awarding money as soon as they receive your information from the federal processing center, so don’t delay.  Some schools may require the CSS Financial Profile.  Click here to see the list of schools on the profile.


    Tips on Applying for Financial Aid

    1. If you are in doubt as to whether or not to apply for aid…apply.
    2. Students will need their social security number.
    3. Secure the necessary forms. Check which form is needed by each college.
    4. Always read the entire form carefully.
    5. Download (or pick up from the counseling center) the FAFSA Worksheets and use them as a rough draft.
    6. Double check that proper code numbers are used. PROOF READ!
    7. Keep a copy of everything you send (electronically or via mail).
    8. Do not send a copy of your taxes with the FAFSA or Profile, colleges will ask you to submit them directly to them if they are required.
    9. Investigate possible outside sources of aid.
    10. Read carefully any responses you get and respond.
    11. Call the college’s financial aid office for help with forms or problems.
    12. Develop a personal calendar.
    13. Meet all required deadlines.
    14. Do not get distracted by frauds that guarantee aid in return for an enrollment fee.


    Junior Parents

    Junior Conference Information Packet 

    Junior Meetings!  Each year we attempt to meet individually with each Junior (and parents if they would like to join us) to have an in-depth, personalized discussion about college searching, applying, and financing. These meetings will be scheduled for the Winter term.  

    Students should register for the ACT and/or SAT tests that will be given in the second semester . Keep in mind dates for AP testing and final exams.  Remember, that your child will take a free SAT at South in April as a part of the state tests. This score is official and may be used for college applications. Taking an April or June ACT is a great idea since students will have addressed the entire Algebra II math curriculum required for the test.

    You can go directly to the testing companies’ websites (www.actstudent.org and www.collegeboard.org ) to register and to obtain more information about the tests.

    We recommend that you register early to secure a spot at your preferred testing center. Please pay attention to deadlines; there are financial penalties for late registration. When you register, you will need to use the Grosse Pointe South school code: 231-802.