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    January 2022 - Counselors Corner

    Happy New Year! I hope that you and your family are healthy and feeling a measure of refresh following the winter break. Good health is a valuable commodity always but especially as we experience this next wave of the Omnicron variant.  I know that the district is committed to in-person learning so I write under the assumption that we are remaining in a face-to-face scenario.

    Midterms Week Jan 18-22

    This will be the first time that about half of our student population will have faced an exam of this significance. As a reminder, each quarter is worth 40% and the midterm/final is worth 20% of the semester grade. It might be a good idea while preparing for mid-terms, to talk to your students about test anxiety and study strategies.  The best way to combat test anxiety is to be well-prepared for the exam, however, sometimes students need additional tools.  Below are some ideas and resources that might help your students. 


    On the topic of anxiety…

    Counselors have been making small group presentations in English classes to talk about leading issues in mental health, Anxiety and Depression. Feedback from students has been positive as we work to break the stigma of mental health.  I have been so impressed by a recent television campaign Mental Health IS Health. it is an “initiative rooted in the reality that we all have mental health and need to take care of it like we do our physical health. The initiative aims to normalize the conversation, create a connection to resources and inspire action on mental health.” Take a look at the website for some great resources and additional information on health and wellness.

    Also, be sure to check out the Wellness Wednesday posts each week on Schoology. I have been developing these last few months using the resources of Action for Happiness, which draws on the latest scientific research backed by leading experts from diverse fields including psychology, education, economics, and social innovation. Here are last month’s posts:

    Don’t forget your Self!

    When I was growing up ‘burnout’ was a derogatory term for a group of kids that were mixed up in substance use. Was it the same for you in high school? Now ‘burnout’ is almost universally associated with physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. We are all feeling some amount of exhaustion from the challenging times in which we live.  This can come out in unexpected ways with short fuse communications in relationships, negativity, and detachment. For you and your family, set aside time and energy to intentionally take care of yourself.  Take a walk or stretch. Eat a balanced diet and build in the opportunity to connect with people and laugh. Just like a lot of good ideas (I’m looking at you, gym membership) this usually doesn’t happen unless we work to make it happen. So here is your permission to prioritize you. 

    Course Selection

    Choosing classes for the 2022-23 school year is right around the corner.  We will again complete this process electronically via Schoology so look for your student to share their course selection sheet with you via email. On February 2, teachers will meet with students individually in each of their classes to make a recommendation of the proper course to take in each subject. Remember to consider school/life balance in making these decisions.  More information on the full process to come in February.

    Finally, Wellness Week is coming in February and we have some great activities lined up! If you have a special skill that might lend itself to wellness, please contact Beth in counseling so we can make a plan to share the goodness.