Homework Habits…


    What are a parent’s homework responsibilities?

                Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children. Therefore, I ask that parents make homework a top priority at home, provide the necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment, set aside a time every day when homework should be completed, and provide praise and support when needed!


    Why do I assign homework?

                I believe homework is important because it helps reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.


    What are your child’s homework responsibilities?

                I expect students to do their personal best on each assignment. I expect homework to be neat not sloppy. All written work should be done in pencil, unless specified otherwise. I expect homework to be completely finished by class time the following morning.


    How are the assignment books used?

                All students were given an assignment book in which they write down their daily homework. Students will copy each night’s assignments in their assignment book. Please check and sign their assignment book nightly.


    What will happen if students do not complete their homework assignments?

                If students choose not to do their homework, they will stay in at recess and complete what is missing. They also choose to lose certain privileges, for example.... breathing. If the missing homework is habitual, I will ask that parents begin checking and signing completed homework each night. After three homework assignments have not been turned in, or are turned in incomplete, the student’s grade will be lowered.


    What about legitimate reasons for a student not completing a homework assignment (i.e. I was sailing with my teacher.)?

                If there is a legitimate reason the student is unable to finish the assignment, PLEASE send a note stating why the assignment could not be completed. (Bonus points are given for creative and original reasons.) The note must be signed by the parent.