Kerby Parent Resource Center (KPRC)
    (KPRC) is for parents to check out books, videos, and audio resources.  Thanks to the generosity of our Kerby PTO, and Kerby Parents, we have many donated items for you to check out.
    The KPRC is located in the hallway next to the music room.
    Please consider donating a parenting book, audio/video (VHS or DVD), or making a small cash donation so we can purchase a resource from our wish list for you.  Kerby Community members that make any donation will be recognized with a stivcker on each item.  (Donations may also be made anonymously.)
    How to check out any material?
    1.  Pick out what you are interested in.
    2.  Date & write in the name of the book & your phone number on the second page of the clipboard.
    3.  Return book in two weeks, place on shelf, write in return date, and cross off your phone number.
    4.  If after two weeks you have not returned the material, you will receive a phone call to remind you.
    Web Resources for Parents
    www.nasponline.org  National Association of School Psychologists.
    www.nea.org  National Education Association.
    www.tolerance.org  Addresses racial issues in schools, homes, communities.
    www.aft.org American Federation of Teachers.
    www.familyeducation.com Addresses educating families.
    www.parents.com Parents Magazine website.
    www.writedad.com Addresses issue of single dads.
    www.youthdevelopments.com Addresses child development issues.
    www.scholastic.com Loads of valuable information.