• Service Hours Rules--2nd Semester, 2020
    Current Members - Below are your Service Hour Requirements as Defined in the By Laws
    • Current Junior members are excpected to complete 12 hours of tutoring during their 2nd semester 2020 in accordance with the tutoring schedule found on Google Drive. (current Seniors need 15 tutoring hours) If unable to attend a tutoring session, 24 hour notice must be given to the building supervisor at your tutoring school and to Mrs. Naporano, via email.  A substitute should be secured and included on the email as well.
    • Current Junior members are expected to complete 18 hours of School Sanctioned Service Hours during the 2nd semester.  (Current Seniors need 23 hours) These activities are announced at NHS Meetings and via Remind 101 - they must come from Mrs. Naporano to the entire organization. If your student has a Service Opportunity like would like to become "Sanctioned, they are encouraged to bring it up to Mrs. Naporano.  She is always looking for more opportunities for the students.  Any student is allowed to use up to 5 hours from an outside organization (approved by Mrs. Naporano) to count towards their 18 - this could include a Mission Trip, Summer in the City, or volunteer coaching, etc.
    • Current Junior AND Senior members are expected to participate in one 2 hour Mandatory Service Project during the 2nd semester. This project will be determined soon.
    Students Interested/Invited to Apply - Below are your Service Hour Requirements as Defined in the By Laws
    • Students elligible for application will be invited in July after their Sophomore year.  These inviatations are sent through the US Postal Department. If you believe your child should have received an invitation but did not for some reason, please contact Liz Naporano at naporae@gpschools.org. She will respond to you a week or two prior the beginning of the 2020 school year.  Any elligible student not admitted will be invited again in July after their Junior year.
    • Applications will be distributed in September.  Applications are handedout, by invite only, at the Mandatory meeting.  Date of this Fall 2020 Mandatory Meeting is TBD. Students will have roughly three weeks to complete them in their entirety.  Applicationa are DUE no later than 3:15om in the Counseling Center--the Fall 2020 application due date is TBD.
    • Students will be expected to list and verify 30 hours of Community Service within one calendar year of application.  Verification will be done via signature from the organization leader, as well as a phone and email contact.  In the rare event a signature cannot be secured, a letter/email with signature verifying the level of committment and time frame will suffice.
    • While it is required that all students have 30 hours within one calendar year of application, it is encouraged that the application demonstrate an ongoing committment to community service.