• John Monteith Elementary School
    Monteith PTO  Mission Statement
    Our mission shall be to raise funds to enhance the learning experience of, and the educational facilities and opportunities for, the students at Monteith Elementary School.  We are also dedicated to providing a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact the studens at Monteith Elementary School.
    The Monteith PTO will endeavor to provide direct educational gifts in-direct educational gifts and gifts for the physical building and grounds of the school.
    Monteith PTO Vision Statement
    To bring together parents, legal guardians, staff, administrators and our community to work together as a team to make Monteith Elementary School the premier elementary school in the nation.
    Monteith Core Values
    Communication, Teamwork, Community, Integrity, Repsect, Leadership
    Adopted January 16, 2007