• IPAD Links, Apps and Info
    IPAD's are a new tool we are able to use in our classroom for a variety of different purposes.  Below you will find a list of well-liked apps, ways in which we implement our IPAD into our classroom and other information about using IPADS at home and school. 

     Our Favorite Apps:

    Toontastic- free- Create your own characters, settings  and tell your story.
    Sight Word Ninja- free- Practice for identifying sight words.
    All About Letters- $1.99- This app give you letter identification, sounds, songs and space to practice writing letters.
    Line em Up- free- Works on putting numbers 1-10 in the correct order. 
    Sentence maker- $.99- Put those sight words into practice!  Has a variety of levels including simple word to word matching. 
    Ways in which we use the IPAD:
    * Academics
    - Introduce/teach new skills
    - Assessments
    - Practice skills
    - Generalizing skills to a variety of different activies
    * Social Skill Practice- 
    - Taking turns with peers
    - Waiting
    - Social story creation, teaching, practice and review
    - Peer interaction
    * Reward/Choice Time/Break Time
    - Some students use this a "choice" time on their daily shedule
    - Some students earn free time on the IPAD to play leisure activities 
    - Some students may take this to gen ed to use for "break" time in class