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NEW Parking Lot Procedures


Starting January 4th, 2018, in addition to our current parking lot rules, we will follow the recommendation of The Grosse Pointe Woods Safety Department to allow cars to line up with their hazard lights on in the lane closest to the school on Vernier Rd. from Charlevoix to the parking lot entrance to Mason. You will not be able to leave your car unattended on Vernier Rd., no parking is allowed, and no one should get in or out of their car or let anyone in or out of their car while it is idle on Vernier Rd.  The Grosse Pointe Woods Safety Department will also be installing a no left turn sign on Vernier in front of the Mason entrance in the near future. When more details are available and the sign is installed, I will give everyone an update on the guidelines that will need to be followed.

Violators of our parking rules will have their license plate recorded and the registered owner(s) will be issued a ticket via mail by the police department. This method prevents additional traffic congestion caused when officers have to stop vehicles in heavy traffic to issue citations.

Please review the attached letter from Detective Ryan Schroerlucke as it pertains to the rules and fines that will be enforced in the Mason Parking Lot starting Thursday, Jan. 4th, 2018. You can also find attached a map of our parking lot and parking lot rules for your reference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Detective Schroerlucke at (313) 343-2412 ext. 248 or

Mason Parking Lot Rules for Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents/families… We need your help in the Mason parking lot! Mason is committed to maintaining a policy of safety and respect regarding transportation and parking. The following guidelines have been established to promote this policy.  Please read this carefully, and share with your designated drivers, as you participate in dropping off and picking your child up from school in the near future. Thanks for your support in helping keep our parking lot safe and accident free.

Driver Expectations for Drop Off:

  • Students that are being driven to school should be dropped off curbside (sidewalk) in the driveway/drop off circle.  To assist with the flow of traffic, please pull your car forward as far as possible in the circle. We do not want any students walking across driving lanes of traffic or through the parking lot.  Please do not leave any vehicles unattended in the drop off circle.  If you need to come in the building, please find a parking spot that says visitor or park on Anita or Charlevoix St.  The parking lot behind the building is only for staff, cars with a handicap parking permits, and buses providing transportation for our students. Any driver with a handicap parking permit, can park in the handicap parking spots if they so choose. We are asking that all other drivers not use this area.
  • You MUST obey all traffic laws on the streets surrounding the school at ALL times. We will be enlisting the help of law enforcement throughout the year.  Parking lot speed is 5 MPH.

Driver Expectations for Pick Up:

  • Parents are permitted to park in any open parking spot in the main parking lot (you are allowed to park and get out of your car in the driveway/drop off lane during p.m. pick up but not during a.m. drop off) and exit their vehicle to pick up their child at the end of the day. Making your own parking spot and parking or waiting in your car in the fireline is not allowed. Our fire lane at Mason is from the trash receptacle to the main entrance.  The parking lot will be closed once the lot is at capacity and will open whenever a spot is made available.
  • Drivers may wait inside their car with their hazard lights on in the driving lane closest to the school on Vernier Rd. between the Charlevoix and the Mason entrance.