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Zoom security update

Zoom safety update for middle and high school

As we begin the second week of the school year, there are a couple of adjustments that need to be made in classroom Zoom Meetings to ensure that only rostered students are in the correct meeting. To help secure classes, Secondary teachers (grades 5-12) will need to add one extra layer of security by authenticating users in a meeting by this Thursday. By doing this, teachers will be able to see the name of the student entering the Zoom meeting. As a side note, this also means that students will now have Zoom accounts, and teachers can pre-assign them to breakout rooms for small group instruction targeted to their learning needs.


What does this mean for elementary? 

There is no change for preschool-elementary students now. The district tries to limit as many clicks as possible for our younger learners, so it will be important for elementary staff to not let students in who have not provided their name and to always use the waiting room. There may be an eventual need to turn on “authenticated users only” for the full District (Y5-12 grade), but this will be a last resort, as this would be one additional step for young students learning to navigate virtual learning.


What does the login to Zoom look like for students in grade 5-12?

  • Students will now need to log into their Zoom Meetings via “Sign in Using SSO”

  • Once they click on that, they must enter “gpschools” in the blank domain spot

  • They will then be prompted to enter in their school username and password


Click here for directions on how students can log into Zoom to join the meeting


Note: The above example is for a student on a Chromebook; however, the directions are similar for those on a different device. If they are sharing a family computer and have downloaded Zoom, they will want to make sure that they are logged in with their correct username.