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18 Candidates filed for BOE positions

There will be five open positions on the November 2020 ballot for GPPSS School Board - one 2-year position, and four 4-year positions. These are the three candidates in alphabetical order who filed for the 2-year position to fill the remainder of the term originally held by Brian Summerfield, and filled by BOE appointment of Joseph Herd until the next regular election:


Joseph Herd 

John Steininger 

Theresa Vogler 


These are the 15 candidates, again in alphabetical order by last name, who filed for the 4-year terms:


Kathy Abke 

George Bailey 

Sherry Betcher 

David Brumbaugh 

Keersten Colleen 

Christopher D'Angelo 

Cynthia Douglas 

Jennifer Goossen 

Ahmed Ismail

James Joseph 

Lauren Nowicki 

Cindy Pangborn 

Lisa Papas 

Shareef Simaika 

Theresa Vogler 

Colleen Worden