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Draft building maps for 2020

Per the Board of Education request, GPPSS administration has prepared draft building maps for:

Maps are being developed for the other elementary and middle school buildings. Please note:


  • Each of the attached maps is subject to change based on enrollment.
  • Certain classroom sized spaces are marked To Be Determined (TBD). Those could be used for a regular classroom, a district program, or a support program. 
  • Mason and Defer maps reflect expected building map post summer 2020 construction.
  • Administration is recommending that in most cases ASD classrooms be offered in pairs, rather than one ASD classroom in each building.  We believe that an ASD configuration that allows for two rooms in one building roughly divided into lower and upper elementary is more student centered. The current plan is to offer pairs of ASD classrooms at Monteith, Kerby, Richard and Ferry.
  • Administration is in the process of determining ASD enrollment numbers, but at this time 2-3 current ASD classrooms will need to shift to middle school with the 5th grades.
  • After reviewing current enrollment data and building capacity information, administration is planning to offer the Multi-Age program at Richard for the 2020-21 school year (depending upon enrollment interest).