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GPFPE awards $40,721 in fall grants


  1. Supporting Readers with Guided Text (2nd-5th grade) Richard ($4,950)

The GPFPE is fortunate to be able to fund this literacy grant through the Lois J. Warden Fund that has been established in her memory and is designated for important elementary programs within the school system. It will provide the Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Gold kit for Richard’s fluent readers to support their guided reading groups. The LLI kits are research based and compliment the work done with F.A.S.T. and C.R. Success concepts. Submitted by Stephanie Erhard

  1. Literacy Footprints (K-4th grade) Monteith ($8,378)

This is another literacy grant that will be funded by the Lois J. Warden Fund.  This one is for first, second and third grade kits from Jan Richardson’s acclaimed Literacy Footprints Guided Reading System. These kits are designed for classroom teachers, special education teachers and support staff who are all involved with teaching children to read and write.  Submitted by Jessica DeWitt, Shelleyann Keelean and Beth Rainbolt

  1. Sensory Room Equipment and Sensory Library (Pre K-5th grade) Ferry ($2,808)

This grant is for a variety of therapeutic equipment to create a sensory space for students with special needs and general education students to improve their brain’s ability to process information and maintain attention in the classroom. This grant will also allow teachers to sign-out trial sensory equipment from a lending library to help students with issues stay and participate in class at their fullest potential. Submitted by Kristen Topper 

  1. After School Science Program (4th grade) Mason ($3,000)

This partial grant is for the purchase of lab and research supplies for a new after school program at Mason Elementary starting in January 2020.  Lab Rascals will be a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program for Mason’s 4th grade students that will provide inquiry-based, hands-on experiences to ensure conceptual understanding of scientific topics.  This program will encourage passion for STEM by engaging students in innovative laboratory experiences. Submitted by Roy Bishop and Jennell White

  1. Chromebooks for Kindergarten Centers (K) Monteith ($1,200)

This grant is to partially fund Chromebooks, mice and a charging station to supplement the Kindergarten centers at Monteith.  There are currently 4 kindergarten classrooms at Monteith and their daily centers could benefit greatly from more technology that is compatible with Lexia Learning and Freckle Education to help guide their lessons in reading and math.  Submitted by Diane Richards, Natalie Bruveris, Theresa Comilla and Ashley Nabozny

  1. Implementing Reading Groups in Middle School ELA (7th grade),  Brownell ($2,500)

This grant award continues to fund the purchase of several titles of Permabound books that will be used as a book club within the ELA programs at Brownell.  Having proven success through a Spring GPFPE grant for an 8th grade book club that led to higher levels of motivation, interest and participation, these instructors will now expand this book club concept to the 7th graders as well. Submitted by Melissa Currier Frame and Tamera Duffield

  1. Good Deeds (6th -8th grade), Parcells ($160)

As an alternative to suspensions, this program will instead allow students who commit minor infractions to learn about community service, make amends and see themselves as school and community leaders. The members of the Parcells National Junior Honor Society will work with students one Saturday a month to perhaps visit a local senior center or work on school or community improvement. Submitted by Susan Fell and Michele Stateczny

  1. Accessorizing Percussion Section (9th-12th grade), North ($2,825)

This partial award expands and replaces percussion instruments such as gongs, tambourines and snare drums in North’s band program, which strives to effectively prepare music students for high school band and orchestra success. Submitted by Tom Torrento

  1. Gearheads (9th-12th grade) North/South ($2,000)

This grant is for the combined North/South robotics team to be used toward competition registration fees and/or supplies.  This STEAM club participates in a six-week design and build challenge which culminates in 2 regional competitions followed by States and ultimately World Championships.  This club has grown to over 80 students and not only teaches applied Science and Engineering but also helps students learn to work together and value learning over winning.  Submitted by Jason Wolfsen, Julia Magnan and Denice Muccioli

  1. Dirt Dwellers Club (9th-12th grade) North ($520)

This new school beautification club will make use of North’s greenhouse and bring in community Master Gardeners to teach members of the club new and modern ways to garden through Science. The grant will fund gardening supplies and tools for their projects. Submitted by Jaime Hainer

  1. Microscope Acquisition (9th-12th grade) North ($3,240)

This grant will fund the acquisition of 20 compound microscopes and improve instruction in North’s required Biology classes with updated equipment. Submitted by Andrew Pola and Erika Reed

  1. Sensory Room (9th-12th grade) South ($3,200)

The creation of a sensory room at South will support students with a wide range of special needs.  It will provide a variety of equipment to encourage calm, focus or alertness in order to assist in cognitive processing. Students can then rejoin peers in their class and be ready to learn and interact more efficiently. Submitted by Joseph Evens and Shelby Salajka

  1. Science Olympiad Team (9th-12th grade) South ($1,110)

This award allows a Science Olympiad Team at South to participate in competitive tournaments and be tested in the STEM fields. This national program encourages student self confidence and interest in the sciences. Submitted by Shelly Rothenbuhler

  1. Marching Band Sound System (9th-12th grade) South ($1,900)

This partial grant helps purchase a portable and chargeable sound system that will be used during rehearsals by the South Marching Band. Submitted by Chris Takis

  1. South Therapy Dog Project (9th-12th grade) South ($2,930)

This unique grant request helps to fund the training and certification of a therapy dog named Tuka, who is owned by a GP South Counselor.  This therapy dog will be an extension of South’s Counseling Program. Tuka’s duties will include greeting students, working with students in high stress and anxious situations and offering support and aid in social-emotional learning at the school. Submitted by Beth Walsh-Sahutske




In addition to the 15 grants that have just been shared, the GPFPE would also like to take this opportunity to let the community know that our campaign for the Leader in Me program over the last few years has been and continues to be highly successful.  This renowned, evidence based, whole-school transformation for emotional and behavioral learning has now begun implementation at all 9 elementary schools with whole staff training and administrative commitment.  Just this Fall alone the GPFPE funded over $100,000 for the Leader in Me staff training and program supplies to bring the final three elementary schools on board in starting the three-year process.  This effective training will move with staff and students wherever they go in the classroom and out.  We are proud to be a part of this effort in teaching our youngest children lifetime habits in leadership, kindness, awareness of differences, accountability and cooperation.