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Off & Out of Sight Middle School Phone Policy

Off and Out of Sight Middle School Policy

2019-20 School Year


As a learning organization, GPPSS continuously reviews research and our own practices in order to improve the educational experience for our students. Based on research regarding the use of cell phones by school-aged children, we have reflected on how to best support our students as they learn and grow. It has become clear that excessive exposure to cell phones has a negative effect on school-aged children. With a focus on balance and supporting positive mental health, GPPSS has reflected on how we can modify district practices to support all students. This is positively impacted by Bring Your Own Device and leads to an expansion of our “Off and Out of Sight” approach for phones to ensure technology implementation is purposeful.


Through the expansion of BYOD in the 2019-20 school year, our 6th-8th grade students will have access to devices that support technology rich learning without using their personal cell phones during the school day. The District BYOD Handbook can be found here.


Phones are available in each school office should a student need to contact their parent. If families believe that their child needs access to a cell phone before or after school, it will be the student’s responsibility to ensure that their phones remain ‘Off and Out of Sight’ while they are at school -- between first bell to dismissal.


Here is an informational graphic that outlines the positive effects of reduced cell phone use and highlights additional resources should you be interested in learning more. This has been modified from work with peer districts also implementing a similar policy this fall.


Our goal is to support a healthy learning environment that promotes optimal development and mental health by using screen time selectively.


We appreciate your support as we continue to identify ways to support all our learners as they achieve their individual potential.


Gary C. Niehaus, Superintendent

Chris Stanley, Director Instructional Technology

Jon Dean, Deputy Superintendent

Maureen G. Bur, Director Secondary Instruction

Keith Howell, Director Pre-K- 5 Instruction

Sara Dirkse, Principal Pierce Middle School

Dan Hartley, Principal Parcells Middle School

Rodger Hunwick, Principal Brownell Middle School