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GPPSS response to MDCR reconfiguration report

GPPSS response to Michigan Department of Civil Rights reconfiguration report

“The Michigan Department of Civil Rights was asked to come in and help provide an additional opportunity for the community to share their insight into reconfiguration,” stated Superintendent Gary Niehaus. “I am grateful for the four listening sessions they moderated and 30 testimonies they received.  Their summary will be carefully considered as part of the many transparency efforts informing this critical decision, including our 15 Town Halls attended by over 1196 people, our meetings with the PTOs at each of the four schools being considered for closure, the work of the 58 Blue Ribbon Committee members, the hundreds of emails to the board, the numerous public comments at televised board meetings, the social media posts, and the individual and small group meetings in my office. We will certainly review all of their recommendations. The district has already begun efforts in enhanced marketing, and staff training on district-wide racial equity, implicit bias and structural racism. Including the school board in our broader community efforts for equity and inclusion will also be paramount. The two resolutions remain on the board agenda for 7 p.m., Monday, June 24th as promised to the community.”

Additional points:

  • Reconfiguration addresses declining enrollment experienced by GPPSS and districts across the state.
  • Poupard Elementary does receive additional resources through Title I and the district's commitment to budget with equity not necessarily equality to provide what each student needs to succeed. For example, Poupard Elementary has the smallest elementary class sizes in the district.
  • GPPSS will also review the in-district transfer policy again.
  • GPPSS has doubled the preschool programming and currently has waiting lists (primarily for the youngest age groups). Head Start programming is not currently an option outside of Harper Woods due to the demographic requirements. The district has also implemented Young Fives kindergarten, first at our three Title I buildings, and now expanded to also include Monteith and Maire.     


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