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GPFPE awards over $54,000 in grants!

 GPFPE Fall 2018 Grant Cycle

  1. Essential Early Elementary Intervention (1st-3rd grade special education) Defer, Kerby, Monteith, Maire, Mason & Trombly ($19,729)

The GPFPE is fortunate to be able to fund this significant grant through the Lois J Warden Fund that has been established recently in her memory and is designated for important elementary programs within the school system. It will provide Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention kits for the 6 remaining elementary schools that do not already own them.  These kits provide the critical intervention needed for our youngest struggling readers.  Submitted by Kathleen McClanaghan

  1. Story Champs: Teaching Narrative Language (K-5th grade speech therapy) Defer ($315)

This multi-tiered language intervention program aims to improve oral expression through narrative story retelling. The Story Champs kit is a researched based program and includes lesson plans, writing activities, digital illustrations and icons, class activities as well as take-home activities.  Submitted by Anna Boes

  1. Yoga as a Restorative Practice (3rd grade) Poupard ($158)

This grant is for 20 yoga mats to be used with students in the Poupard gymnasium once a week.  Current research shows that yoga as a restorative practice will serve as an alternative behavior management strategy for students.  The combination of breath, movement and mindfulness kicks in the parasympathetic nervous system and becomes a tool for managing emotions and frustrations. Submitted by Heather Halpin

  1. Sensory Space (Pre K-5th grade special education) Richard ($1,500)

This grant is for a variety of equipment to create a sensory, therapeutic space for students with special needs and general education students with anxiety or other issues that might need personalized sensory input.  This safe space will provide a calming spot for sensory integration which in turn improves students’ ability to self-regulate their attention and emotions. Submitted by Joseph Evans and Amy Wilson

  1. Piloting of the Spanish Program Lee Conmigo-Read With Me (6th-8th grade) Brownell ($697)

This program allows for a collaboration among middle school Spanish students at Brownell and ESLA students at the Academy of the Americas. Students from the two schools will record bilingual soundtracks of selected books, so they can read along with each other-fostering confidence, peer support and global awareness. Submitted by Joanna Porvin and Heidi West


  1. Purchase of New Choir Uniforms (8th grade) Parcells ($1,500)

This grant helps to fund the purchase of new choir uniforms to create a more uniformed appearance for the 8th grade choral students, and allows the 7th grade choir to “inherit” the formerly used 8th grade uniforms. This will inevitably enhance the team spirit and solidarity of both musical ensembles. Submitted by Leslie Saroli

  1. Introduction of a Disc Golf Program (6th-8th grade) Brownell ($2,924)

This pilot program will allow general and adaptive PE students the opportunity to benefit from a new activity that incorporates throwing skills and problem solving, as students analyze distances, aim for targets and collaborate with their peers.  Submitted by Gina Francis 

  1. Implementing Reading Groups in Middle School ELA (7th-8th grade) Pierce ($2,500), Brownell ($2,500)

These awards fund the purchase of several titles of Permabound books that will be used as a book club within the ELA programs at these two middle schools respectively.  Students will be allowed to choose titles within thematic units, read independently and discuss together which will lead to higher levels of motivation, interest and participation with other students reading the same books. Submitted by Geneva Scully, Susan Quinn, Melissa Currier and Tamera Duffield

  1. Field Tripping with Visual Reality (6th-8th grade) Brownell ($352)

This pilot program purchases 16 Visual Reality headsets to allow students to experience the world and its people, beyond computers and textbooks. This instructor will share his results in a workshop with other middle school teachers. Submitted by Walter Charuba

  1. Percussion instruments in Middle Schools (6th-8th grade), Parcells ($5,000) and Pierce ($5,000)

These awards help to supply and/or replace percussion instruments such as drums, chimes, Xylophones and cymbals in programs trying to effectively prepare music students for high school band and orchestra success. Submitted by Tom Torrento and Christopher Takis

  1. Gearheads (9th-12th grade) North/South ($2,000)

This grant is for the combined North/South robotics team to be used toward competition registration fees and/or supplies.  This STEAM club participates in a 6 week design and build challenge which culminates in 2 regional competitions followed by States and ultimately World Championships.  This club has grown to over 80 students and not only teaches applied Science and Engineering but also helps students learn to work together and value learning over winning.  Submitted by Jason Wolfsen and Rose Abraham

  1. Making the ALC an Updated Learning Center (9th-12th grade) North ($1,312)

This award is for 6 Chromebooks, 6 sets of headphones and a Chromebook charging locker.  As part of GP North’s PBIS program they have implemented an Alternative Learning Center (ALC) monitored by teachers to support students who need a positive intervention.  The laptop devices with headphones will help students in need complete their lessons at personal stations without interrupting others.  Submitted by The ALC Team of Jonathan Byrne, Kristen Alles, Emma Huellmantel, Julie Pappas, Andrew Pola, Kristen Lee, Nicole Sturgeon and Catherine Vernier

  1. Chromebooks and Cart for Art Department (9th-12th) South ($9,261)

This grant will be for a laptop cart, 32 Chromebooks equipped with Google Management and extended service packages.  The new equipment will expand art students’ access to instruction, image editing software and a variety of applications used in the making of student art.  The Chromebooks are the flexible solution to providing excellent tools for art education at the next level.  Submitted by Tom Szmrecsanyi