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Thank you to our school community

November 7, 2018


Dear Members of our School Community,

The official results are in and School Bond 2018 passed with 55% of the votes amidst impressive voter turnout. Over 70% of our community spoke at the polls. And we as a district continue to listen.

The proposal developed out of our Strategic Plan, was refined in the Blue Ribbon Facility Study, and crystallized in our 16 Town Halls.

Now the real work begins and we look forward to seeing who steps forward from the community to help at the various levels of oversight. We congratulate the three board members chosen by the community – Margaret Weertz, Brian Summerfield, and Dr. Christopher Lee. Please help us thank all those who ran for the board. This was a close race and we are grateful so many offered to serve our community in this way. In addition to the board, volunteers will be needed to help with the professional service selection committee and the oversight committee. The district will do everything in its power to continue to build trust through transparency and act as wise stewards of all funds.

Yesterday was a testament to our commitment to this community’s children. The bond provides additional resources to maximize the potential of our learning spaces, ensuring students are safe, warm, dry and connected. As plans move forward, regular updates will be provided. These will show how this bond supports our strategic plan and our mission and vision.

Thank you for supporting our neighborhood schools that are such an integral component of our healthy and vibrant community.

Your superintendent and neighbor,

Dr. Gary C. Niehaus


Our Mission: Promote Innovation -> Maximize Potential -> Embrace Community

Our Vision: One GP: where everyone learns, every day