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Voluntary Water Testing Results

The district voluntarily conducted water testing again over spring break. GPPSS chose to conduct both first-draw and two-minute flushed water samples from representative drinking fountains and sinks at each building working with Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc. (TEC). They took 126 samples. Of those, three (3) were above the action level of 0.015 mg/l (two Parcells drinking fountains, and one sink at Trombly), and 7 were over the recently reduced MDEQ guidance of 0.005 mg/l.  

All drinking fountains and sinks above the action levels have been turned off. Staff are replacing parts and filters. They will be tested again before use.

GPPSS will continue to work through the buildings, adding sites on an annual basis until every source is analyzed on a rotating basis.

For more information such as exact locations and readings per site, please see below.


School Location Result (mg/L) Type Recommendation of Action to be taken
Maire Elementary Drinking fountain near gym 0.0072 2 min flush Replace drinking fountain
  Drinking fountain near 200 0.0065 2 min flush Replace drinking fountain
South High sink in Boll center 2nd floor 0.0073 2 min flush Add filter
Monteith Elementary Faculty Lounge Sink 0.0074 1st draw Add filter
Parcells Middle School Drinking Fountain 104 0.014 1st draw Turned off until we replace drinking fountain
    0.033 2 min flush  
  Drinking Fountain 204 0.0056 1st draw Turned off until we replace drinking fountain
    0.025 2 min flush  
Trombly Elementary 1st floor kitchen sink 0.018 1st draw Turned off until retested. Changed water filter
  Drinking Fountain 2nd Library 0.0078 2 min flush Replace drinking fountain
Over MDEQ Guidance .005 mg/l        
Over EPA Action level .015 mg/l