AP Calc






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    This course is intended to be both challenging and demanding. It will explore the concepts included on (but not limited to) the Calculus AB and BC syllabuses (as directed by the AP Program of The College Board). The subjects that will be studied include algebraic, graphical, and numerical analysis of and applications of limits, derivatives, and integrals. Special emphasis will be given to using graphing calculators to explore mathematical concepts. These calculators will support and extend the teaching and learning of calculus, but will not drive the course. The focus of the course is the mathematics, which represents a disciplined, systematic, and logical way of thinking. Students should be able to communicate mathematics both orally and in well-written sentences and should be able to explain solutions to problems. Calculus, when mastered, will provide the student with many excellent opportunities for the future.

    All students must prepare daily for this class. All homework and notes are to be kept within the student's notebook and should be brought to class each day along with the text (Calculus, Finney, Thomas, Demana, and Waits, 2010) and a graphing calculator (TI83, 84, 86 is fine, TI89 is best).

    The final semester grade will be based on a combination of 40% of each quarter grade and 20% of the semester exam grade. Each quarter grade will consist of tests (3 - 5 weights each) and quizzes (1 - 2 weights each), and assignments (2 weights).