• Geometry CP

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    Since algebra is required to solve many geometry problems, it is essential that students have a good background in Algebra I in order to be successful in Geometry.  This course will focus on the study of the properties and the relationships between points, lines, angles, two dimensional shapes, and three dimensional solids in space as well as logic and proofs.  In preparation for college, students will need to take the ACT and  SAT tests; of which a portion of the questions on the math tests relate directly to geometry.  The focus of the course is the mathematics, which represents a disciplined, systematic, and logical way of thinking.  Since mathematics is a continuous learning process, the material learned during this course will be needed for future math courses and other studies.  One of the goals of this course is to prepare the student to become able to learn mathematics on his/her own, so that the student will be able to deal with math that he/she might encounter in newspapers, on TV, on any job, and in school.  Mathematics, when mastered, will provide the student with many excellent opportunities for the future.  Hence, it is then essential that the student develop a solid foundation of mathematics.