Brownell Opens Their Hearts for Heifer

    By Heidi M.

    Staff Writer

    The lunchroom buzzes with students munching and talking. Reaching into your pocket you feel among the gum wrappers and fluff there are two quarters clicking together, begging to be spent on the chocolate hearts being sold by NJHS during lunch.  The hearts were generously donated by Corden Chocolates and the proceeds donated to the Heifer Organization. 

    The delightful chocolate hearts were sold during both lunch periods, a mere quarter each, and three for a dollar gift wrapped. The fundraiser began on February 1st, and went on until February 14th. The total right now is around $300, but the final total will be announced to the student body once the fundraiser ends. 

    Heifer is a world-wide organization that focuses on helping people, families and communities, in impoverished areas of the world, to become highly self-sufficient, with the means to provide for themselves and their families. Heifer International works like this: Contributors can pick an animal or choose from the many different packages available and it will be donated to a family in an area of the world whose people need help, specifically different parts of Africa. Once a person is provided with an animal to create food and income for them, that animal will be bred, and their off-spring will be passed on to others in need. Heifer is a very strong, long living and powerful pass-it-forward organization.

    The idea for Hearts for Heifers was “first discussed before Christmas, but put on the back burner until after the holidays, due to many conflicting holiday fundraisers”, Mrs. Corden says. The fundraiser finished before break, but NJHS and Corden have decided to continue the fundraiser, keeping with the “Hearts for Heifers” theme.

    Mrs. Corden’s family business, Corden Chocolates, has been around since about 1910, roughly 100 years! Mrs. Corden’s husband’s grandfather, Samuel Corden, emigrated from Greece many years ago and started the business in downtown Detroit. The business was then continued by his son Evans and now her husband, Nick, has taken over.      

    NJHS and Corden came up with the red foiled hearts because they liked the “Hearts for Heifers” theme, says Mrs. Corden. A survey was taken among Brownell, and 60% of participants said they would buy the hearts to help Heifer, 56% said they would buy the hearts for the yummy chocolate inside.