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    Welcome to Margaret Rose's Webpage!

    Email: Margaret.Rose@gpschools.org
    Phone: 313-432-5802

    I am the Art teacher at Brownell.  I teach 6th Grade Exploratory Art, Explorations in Art, Graphic Design, and Art 2D and 3D.  On this website, I hope to share with you what we are currently doing within the curriculum. I will also share pictures of the students in the creative process as well and some of their fabulous projects.

    • 6th Grade (Exploratory) Art - In this ten week course we fast forward through time and place via the art history of Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, The Renaissance and Latin American Art.  Through these Art Historical stops we learn about and try our hand at low relief sculpture, medieval gargoyles, scientific perspective and a variety of Latin American crafts (and so much more)!
    • Explorations in Art - In this course, we are "sinking our teeth" into some real art processes having the luxury of seeing each other every day for a semester's time.  In this course, the goal would be to experience each of the following at least once:  painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fibers, and drawing.  Art history is always an active part of our educational process as are class critiques of the finished work. 
    • Graphic Design - In this course, students are experiencing both the traditional methods of design, as well as those using design software on the computer.  The students work in a studio setting where they learn traditional design methods such as drawing, pen and ink, painting, colored pencil, pencil, marker and multi-media.  The students will further these skills by applying these methods using Adobe Creative Suite 4 design software.   

    •  Art 3D - In this course, we start to separate into our respective grade levels for separate yet similar assignments.  Some assignments are shared for both grade levels if it is a new experience for all.  We explore further a variety of 3D processes that include but are not limited to metal casting, pierced metal, ceramic slab construction , plaster casting and carving, jewelry, and a fiber experience.  Art history is used often to further explain and help students connect to the art process presented.
    • Art 2D - In this course, we explore further a variety of drawing and painting mediums and explore further figure proportions, portraiture, still life, landscape as well as a printmaking experience which includes both a reductive as well as an additive process (linoleum, foam, and silkscreen are the most commonly used approaches).  Art history is used quite often to further explain and demonstrate an art movement as well as individual artist's techniques. 
      Art Club meetings coming up: April 10, 24.