The Samuel M. Brownell Chapter of the
    National Junior Honor Society
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    Next NJHS Meeting coming up 5/16: Sign up for Remind

    • We are a new NJHS this year

    • We are very strict about this. If you aren’t serious about being here, then leave. This organization is about participating and being active, not just to check a box.

    • If you leave an NJHS meeting early or you come late, then that counts as an unexcused absence: more than 2 unexcused and you will be dismissed from NJHS.

    • The only excused absence is when you are missing school. We will get a calendar together so you can plan appointments accordingly.

    • Make NJHS your number 1 priority. Ex. Basketball game or other activities? Tell your coach or leader a few days prior to the NJHS meeting that you're going to be late.

    • Demerit Points; if you acquire more than two demerit points throughout the rest of the year, then you will be dismissed from NJHS

    New Business

    Check your school Gmail! 
    Some of last year's activities:

    Kerby Homework Help & Tutoring

    Classroom Recycling

    Santa Letters

    Holiday Door Contest & Charity Give-Away

    Brownell Movie Night

    Musical Concessions & Kenya Orphan Support

    Peer 2 Peer Mentoring

    Group Leadership Activities (during meetings)

    Bullying (Discussion of video and person action plans)

    Random Acts of Kindness Campaign

    Cass Community Outreach

    Your additional school and community service

    >Sign up for Remind notices on your phone: 
    text the message: @coachnjhs to 81010. 
    Trouble using 81010? Try this Remind number instead: (313) 214-2880  

    Meeting Schedule - Check out the calendar! 

    Mr. Whitefleet & Mrs. Corden

    NJHS Advisers