8th Grade,
    Monday  , June 4 , Causes of WWI and the sinking of the Lusitania 
    Project : National Park brochure hand drawn 
    Presentations continue 
     Tuesday, June 5 : presentations continue 
    Wednesday , June 6 WWII -  D- Day 
     Thursday , June 7 South High School Graduation 
     Friday , June 8 National Park Brochure 8" x 11"  Due 
    7th Grade Social Studies:  
    Monday , June 4 
    Southeast Asia : Map Asia Political page 160 , fill in countries , Phisical features 
    1. scarcity
      a small and inadequate amount
      Water—its scarcity, quality and the regulations affecting it—is becoming a new corporate headache.Economist (Nov 6, 2014)
    2. scurry
      move about or proceed hurriedly
      Ever wonder how cockroaches scurry around in the dark while you fumble to switch on the kitchen light?Science Magazine (Dec 3, 2014)
    3. serenity
      the absence of mental stress or anxiety
      The surrounding waters and beautiful pools that surround the hotel create a real sense of calm and luxurious serenity.Forbes (Jul 25, 2014)
    4. sociable
      friendly and pleasant
      Running with others is really sociable and great fun.BBC (Apr 10, 2014)
    Tuesday  June 5
    Wednesday June 6 D- Day Remembered 
    Thursday June 7
    Friday , June 8- lat full Friday !!!!
    Current Event 
    Vocabulary Quiz 
    Mr. Ozar Video

     Go to www.classzone.com                                                                 

    At top click Sign In

    Go to  box that says Returning Visitors

    Then click Submit box


    Your Password is: historical


    Your Username is always: grade8Pierce


    Now click here

    Click Go circle.  Then you will see your on-line book at the bottom left of the page. 














    2. +8th Grade Social Studies Text On Line Directions

    Click here to access the
    U.S. History text book
    (McDougal Littell American
    History Beginnings to 1914).
    Username is: SocialStudies-8 
    Password is: parcells

    313 432-5237 (Voice Mail)
     7th grade textbook

    ·         How to Get to Holt On Line Learning for Social Studies


    Directions for your online social studies textbook and all of the activities that go with it.  Holt On Line Learning

    1.       On your browser to go to http://my.hrw.com

    2.       Log In with the Username then Password you use every day at school .

    3.       You’ll see My Subscriptions and pictures of our text series

    4.       Scroll down till you see the text we’re using.  Under the picture, click the go to online textbook link.

    5.       See the orange bar near the top?  Follow step one- Click on our current chapter.  Follow step two- Click on our current section.  You should be all set. 

    Court Case of Bike and Car Accident , Link Below, you must cut and past to use 

Brian Benz's Mock Assignments 2013-14

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