Mrs. Rothenbuhler
    AP Biology
    Honors Biology
    Voicemail:  432-5641
    email:  shelly.rothenbuhler@gpschools.org
    Supplies for Honors Biology:  You will need 2 composition notebooks.  One should have lined paper and will be for taking notes. The second one should have graph paper.  This will be used to write up lab reports.  You will also need something to keep your handouts in.  A folder is fine or you can use a 3-ring binder as well.  That's pretty much it.
    Supplies for AP Biology:  There's nothing special that you need for in class, but I highly recommend that you buy a review book at the beginning of the year.  The Pearson Education Test Prep Series for AP Biology is made specifically for your text and will be very helpful for unit reviews throughout the year in addition to getting ready for the AP Exam in May.  It is available on 
    Amazon and other online retailers, as well.