Mrs. Lisa Kline              

    (313) 432-5445
    Welcome .  Please use our Google Classroom Code for access to all of our class assignments!  It can be found by choosing the approrpiate link for your course:  Honors Algebra 2 Syllabus
    If you are enrolled in Honors Algebra 2 for next year, click HERE for a copy of the
    MANDATORY Summer Packet that is due, in its entirety, on the first day of school.   

    Mrs. Kline’s Class Schedule

    1st Hour:  Honors Algebra 2
    2nd Hour:  Honors Algebra 2
    3rd Hour:  Honors Algebra 2
    4th Hour:  Math Tutorial
    Second Lunch
    5th Hour:  Algebra 1 Double Block
    6th Hour:  Algebra 1 Double Block
    7th Hour:  Algebra 1